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Anthony Harris is a Night Citizen who gained public recognition with the discovery of his hidden life of crime spent abducting and murdering youth during 2077 and previous years, being dubbed by the people of Night City as "Meatman" and codenamed by the NCPD as "Peter Pan."


Anthony grew up in the town of Laguna Bend - turned into a reservoir in 2062 - and attended its public school.

He spent his childhood years on Edgewood Farm in the Badlands, helping his father with the family business. His mother died young, leaving him with a single parent who employed strict discipline a farm employee might be more suited for, followed by corporal punishment in case of mistakes. The cattle pestilence taking over the farm lead to further scuffle with production and resulted in corporations taking a hold of the farm eventually leading his father to lose a battle against depression.

According to the analysis of the memories structuring his dreams, it is obvious that he did not recollect these years in a positive way and has since grown into manifesting a severe pathologic behaviour through fixating on the abuse he suffered.

Whether his memories offer a correct representation of the events or not has not been questioned, although it may be somewhat easy to discern that certain details do not fit within the borders of reality.

Finally, during routine roadside inspection at the intersection of 7th and 15th Avenue, NCPD officials have encountered Harris in a wrongfully parked car, accompanied by his latest victim, LeVar Martinez. Harris suffered a missile wound to the head as he attempted to flee and had since remained in a vegetative state. Multiple layers of his brain have been penetrated, but thanks to a quick intervention, further damage to his brain has been avoided. Medical experts estimate a chance of Harris waking up at 0.6%, making interrogation impossible. The DNA testing revealed that the vehicle he had been found in hosted at least seven other known victims, whilst the chemical substances found during the autopsy of Martinez confirmed a match, erasing doubt of Harris fitting the profile of the most likely suspect.

In their attempt to obtain certain evidence, NCPD has relied on Night City's neuroscientists and their experimental method of augmenting brainwaves appearing in dreams with Braindance technology to help children with severe cases of autism. Unfortunately, as dialogue with the leading researcher of this methodology, Yawen Packard, reveals, Harris is not dreaming at all. His cerebral cortex was damaged enough to prevent any reaction save for dissonant urges. Due to not being on the autism spectrum, not being a child nor knowing his preferences, audio-visual stimulation has not even been attempted up until River Ward, a suspended detective that has independently been investigating the case, demanded it.

The investigation itself has shown that Harris ran a website called DRUGS ARE BAD, through which he baited those wishing to fight their addiction by posing as a group, not unlike a cult, experienced in solving such issues.

As can be seen through the exchange found on the laptop of River Ward's nephew Randy Kutcher, Harris, going by the username of Anthony34 lead online conversations with his victims, presenting himself as an adult who has been through all the problems they're currently suffering and overcame it, therefore feeling the need to offer his help to get them through it. By reading stories of their struggles and using administrative privileges on the website to learn their addresses, sending physical gifts, he was able to inveigle his victims and sway them into believing his sincerity.

The same laptop will contain a video among its downloaded files, a cartoon of a farmer mistreating cattle with cheery music containing an ironic undertone. This will be the key to instigating Harris' damaged brain to start dreaming and provide enough brainwaves for dr. Yawen Packard to form a braindance. This braindance, accompanied with the IP address which can, with enough skill, be extracted from messages exchanged with Harris, will help learn more of his past as well as pinpoint the exact location of the farm he is keeping the abductees on.[1]

Braindance data[]

The data extracted from Harris' brainwaves was divided into three fragmented braindances of his childhool memories. The accuracy and even validity of these memories cannot be confirmed, although from what they offer, the development of his character can be more easily understood.

In the first braindance, the observer will be familiarised with the cafeteria of his elementary school, in which an unnamed teacher singles Harris to lecture him about killing Liam's turtle. Young Harris will try to explain that the turtle was sick and therefore needed to be helped - same way as cattle is helped - by receiving an injection of HGH. The teacher will realise that the idea itself must have come from the farm, or specifically, from his father. The following wording indicates that the event is happening past Harris' father's death, once Harris had been adopted by "good people", which the teacher will use to judge the incident as misbehaviour directly affecting them. A mention of his friend dying might have been further cause to his mood, although the teacher dismisses it as an excuse for what he did, which causes young Harris to insult the teacher in return, taking the memory to a more abstract recollection of events. When the teacher returns the insult by comparing him to his father, young Harris proceeds to follow him through the cafeteria with a fork. The teacher will be more straightforward denigration, finally getting Harris off the rails, where he seems to be admitting that his father was sick and he wanted to help him - likely as he helped Liam's turtle.

During this braindance, the events are followed by a distorted and reversed version of the cartoon's music.

The second braindance is graced with more clarity and colour, and depicts a memory of an event on the farm prior to Harris' father's death. Starting off with showing a much younger Harris interacting with a sick cow - the scanner will show that the cow is property of Biotechnica. A call by his father interrupts the moment as Harris is needed to withstand castigation over forgetting to check the injection levels the cattle has been receiving before school. Due to the mistake, the cow will lose its life, and the father implies directly how it is the child's fault, as the death of his mother was.

The music playing in the background is not reversed this time, and is much more clear than before, but, as Harris' father insists on turning the cartoon off, the viewer will realise the cause of it was due to being physically played rather than remembered in this fragment of the dream. Once the child deals with the hormone injecting control panel, he will stand for a while watching the video of the cartoon on the monitor nearby.

Third and final braindance, appearing the most clear for the viewer is also the most recent one. In it, Harris starts where he left off - watching the cartoon, an hour to midnight. He is distracted by noises made by one of his victims escaping by dragging himself across the floor of the cattle stall. The scanner shows that, aside of being disabled from waist down, he is afraid, nervous and with elevated muscle tension - results of being treated as cattle would be. Alongside the corridor, where cows used to be now are sedated boys with cattle masks providing sustenance via tubes. Tech integrated throughout the area and leftover fuel barrels indicates that the farm has at least at one point been owned by Petrochem whether by bill of sale or simply being located in a region owned by the corporation. The farm is visibly well-secured, showing turrets and antipersonnel mines all over the surroundings. Collected information from the memory will provide enough certitude regarding the location of the farm for the investigators to pay it a personal visit.

Having found reliable evidence to convict Harris as the assumed serial killer, the story is concluded, although not all feel that justice has been served. River Ward juggled with the thought of having a hand in dispensing it himself, especially since it would be rather easy, seeing how Harris remains in a comatose state, but finally succumbs to his better judgement and instead relies on the judicial system.[1]

Database Entry[]

Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris - a man in his forties, average Night Citizen, no criminal record. Then a routine vehicle inspection revealed him to be a dangerous serial kidnapper. Not only was a dying teenager - pumped full of hormones and anabolic steroids - found in his trunk, but also the possessions and genetic material of several other missing boys. The media dubbed him Peter Pan. Unfortunately for the authorities and victims' families, Harris was shot in the head while in detention. He slipped into a coma which prevented the NCPD from interrogating him to learn the location of the missing teenagers, including Randy - River Ward's nephew.[2]

Night City Media[]


Night City Journal[]


It seems the killer known as Meatman has claimed yet another life - his fourth by our count. The victim this time - 23-year-old Janet Bailey. Night City Police previously issued a formal statement about Meatman in which they claimed no such serial killer prowls the city's streets, but the truth is far less comforting.

Establishing connections between the murders proved difficult, but our investigators got their hands on reports that show the victims all died in the same way. The specifics are too graphic to describe in detail here, but two key similarities stand out. Firstly, all of the victims died of a bullet to the head fired from a gun used to slaughter cattle. Secondly, the bodies exhibited scarring characteristic of burns from a red-hot, branding iron.


We got a chance to speak with one of the NCPD officers assigned to the group tasked with tracking down Meatman. "This guy, man, this guy's a real psycho. Extremely dangerous and still out there somewhere," said the officer, who [...]

Associated Quests[]


  • While there is no direct source explicitly stating that "Meatman" actually addresses Harris, the stories they tell do describe the same crimes committed at the same time, in addition to which, external game data corroborates this with nomenclature showing that files attached to him and the quest carry this very nickname.
  • During the second braindance, an unaffiliated citizen by the name of Makenna Nelson will appear in the control room of the cattle farm. As there is no commentary on scanning her, it is commonly assumed that her appearance is a glitch (as of 1.21).



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