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This is a listing of prime universe Animals gang members. For individual character information see their respective pages.

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Members Role Description
Matilda "Sasquatch" K. Rose Leader A leader of a pack of Animals. She fought and was defeated by V during I Walk the Line.
Valdemar "the Bully"[1] Member TBA
Martha "Abomination" Ling[1] Member Scheduled to fight Larissa "Guerriera" Almeida in a pay-per-view fight.
Emmerick Bronson Member The bouncer of the Afterlife.
Logan Garcia[2] Member The owner of an Animals fight club. Defeated by V under contract for pointlessly killing his sparring partner.
Razor Hugh Member A professional boxer and the three-time heavyweight champion in Night City. V must fight Razor as the final opponent in Beat on the Brat.[2]
Seamus Sawicki Member A bouncer at an Animals bar who was ordered to kill some Militech interns after they harmed some of the club's joygirls.
Rhino Member A fighter at an Animals gym. V must defeat her in Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado.[2]
Kyle Member A merc companion of Oriona.
Denzel "The Brain" Cryer Member A drug lord that runs a trafficking ring for the Animals' supplement called Juice.


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