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Animals are the craziest fuckin gang in the city!

Placide, Cyberpunk 2077

The Animals are one of the many gangs in Night City appearing in Cyberpunk 2077. The Animals are a gang that focuses on achieving peak human strength. They are the strongmen of the 2070s.


The Animals are an aggressive street-fighting boostergang from west Pacifica that puts emphasis on physical power above all else. They avoid traditional cyberware so they enhance themselves with melee combat-enhancing implants and by using ultra-testosterone, animal supplements, and a steroid-like drug known as "the Juice" which increases the user's strength and speed[1] but cause risk problems.[2]

They frequently sell off their services as bouncers, a job for which they are heavily sought after, and are spread throughout the area. They have cornered the illegal substance trade as well as underground live-or-die prize fighting. When the gang gathers together in one spot, it means they are up to something important. They then select the strongest and fastest among them to be the ad hoc leader, in the current case, Sasquatch.

The Animals are an aggressive street-fighting gang with no permanent turf. Their members are known to abstain from the most common electronic implants in favor of custom-brewed body enhancements and modifications. They use ultratestosterone and animal supplements, including horse growth hormones, to make themselves bigger and stronger. Experienced brawlers and trained in various forms of martial arts, Animals are keen on cage fights, duels, and other displays of brute physical force. Their ferocity and toughness make them sought-after bouncers and bodyguards.

They typically sport tattoos and hooligan hoods as well as some artificial animalistic features ranging from purely cosmetic changes like spotted or striped skin and sub dermal implants to extreme plastic surgery and cybernetic modifications like bestial jaws, and vat-grown implanted muscles. Cyberware used by the gang include pain editors, combat drug injectors, augmented cyberlimbs.[3]

They are involved in a gang war with the Voodoo Boys. They are based in the Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica. V is tasked by the Voodoo Boy, Placide, to infiltrate their hideout. After V infiltrates the hideout, they can kill Sasquatch.

Philosophy and structure[]

Animals aren't the play here, are they? They're hired muscle. Someone else needed them.


The Animals are fascinated with the feral, primal side of human nature. They view this aspect as the border between man and animal and are each on a personal quest establish themselves as a new dominant human subspecies. To achieve this, they constantly subject themselves to brutal and violent tests of skill. They will often take on dangerous cyberimplanted opponents be they members of other gangs, police, or corporate forces. They train in fighting sports not for philosophical reasons but to sharpen their effectiveness in combat.

Internal gang relations are equally animalistic. On their own impermanent turf, Animals are divided into small "packs" led by the biggest and strongest member, the alpha male or female. Disputes are often solved with trial by combat, which is fought until one side completely submit.[3]

Criminal activity and sources of income[]

Animals are mostly known for their ultraviolent raids on residential districts and other gangs' home turf. They organize illegal underground fights and manufacture and sell drugs, mostly custom brew anabolic steroids. A few packs specialize in raiding drug stores, chemical transport, pharmaceutical companies, and drug dealers. Some hire themselves out as bouncers at brothels and strip clubs, or as racketeers who specialize in extortion and assault.[3]

Database Entry[]



Unlike other Night City gangs, the Animals don't have a defined territory. You can find them almost anywhere, but... you know, it's not like people go out looking for them. The Animals aren't a centralized gang – they're divided into smaller groups led by independent "alphas" males or females.

The concrete jungle – for the Animals, it's not just a pretentious metaphor. From their hormone-pumping, beast-inducing implants to their love of street combat, the Animals are obsessed with the wild side of human nature.

Their physical strength and proficiency in various martial arts (and their sheer size alone) make Animals the ideal security guards and bouncers for clubs and bars. Besides that, the Animals are known for their illegal brawls, hijacking transports and their addiction to Juice, their very own homemade hormone cocktail.[4]

Notable Members[]

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Behind the Scenes[]

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, most turn to electronic cyberware and beefy guns to solve their problems. The Animals, a gang of ferocious freaks often encountered in west Pacifica, shun both. Instead, they use electronics-free artisanal implants as well as nanosurgery to deliver ultra-advanced steroids and nutrients directly to their cells. They have also honed a method of street fighting to deploy those bodies as effective weapons against firearm-toting rivals. They spend most of their time in Pacifica's abandoned playgrounds, but can be seen throughout the city wherever a take-no-shit bouncer or bodyguard is needed.
Muscles that look like they are about to burst through skin, tube-sized veins, shaved heads sitting directly atop ox-like shoulders—the Animals' bodies are their uniforms and most distinctive features. Their skin is covered with the side effects of the muscle-bulking chemicals: hideous scars and rash-like marks. Due to the ludicrous strength of these muscles, they need endoskeletal implants and joint reinforcements to keep their bones from crushing themselves and their tendons from snapping. Bits of metal can thus be seen among the mounds of flesh, but for the most part, the Animals are stunning examples of how incredibly unnatural "organic" can look.



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