The Animals are one of the many gangs in Night City appearing in Cyberpunk 2077. The Animals are a gang that put their attention towards becoming peak human ability as possible. They are the strongmen of the 2070s.

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The Animals are an aggressive street-fighting boostergang from west Pacifica that emphasize on physical power above all else. They avoid traditional cyberware so they enhance themselves with melee combat-enhancing cyberware and by using testosterone, animal supplements, and a steroid-like drug known as "the Juice" which increases the user's strength and speed.[1] They frequently sell off their services as bouncers, a job of which they are heavily sought after for, and are spread throughout the area. They have cornered the illegal substance trade as well as underground live-or-die prize fighting. When the gang gather together in one spot it means they are up to something important, they then select the strongest and fastest among them to be the ad hoc leader, in this current case, Sasquatch. The Animals are secretly allied with the anti-cybercrime task force, NetWatch.

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They are involved in a gang war with the Voodoo Boys. They are based in the Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica. V is tasked by the Voodoo Boy, Placide, to infiltrate their hideout. After V infiltrates the hideout, he/she can kill Sasquatch.

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