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Angus Youngblood is a rich, young Australian investor.


Always suave, witty and stylish, Youngblood is a handsome and healthy man of forty-one. He exerts an air of competence and control, and is known for his wit and casual bonhomie. It's a front that has disarmed many of his enemies. He's shrewd, ruthless, and has no qualms when it comes to mercilessly disposing of his enemies.[1]

He became a major shareholder in Petrochem in 2013, when the company bought CHOOH2 growing land from his family's huge agricultural holdings in New South Wales. Angus is the third most powerful member of the Petrochem board of directors, sub-ordinate only to Ellen Trieste and Trenton Parker. He is firmly in Trieste's camp, however, and always uses his votes to support her.

Youngblood is looking out for himself only. He is out to take control of Petrochem for his own family, and is using Ellen Trieste as a tool toward that end. Her infatuation with him is a blessing in disguise, for it has allowed him to combine his stock with hers and form a large controlling interest. He views his marriage to her as a joke, and like Trent Parker, is waiting for her to die. Youngblood stands to inherit her fortune and her interests in Petrochem. When that happens, he will become the single greatest power within the corporation. Youngblood considers Trieste a hopeless braindance lunatic with a staggering amount of power. He finds his time in her VR trying, and their sexual liaisons in the Net interesting but mildly disgusting. No matter how nubile she appears, he is always able to recall how old she really is. Youngblood plans to submit to Trieste's will only as long as she continues to make good business decisions. If she ever becomes irrational, he will take legal steps to have her declared incompetent so he can seize control of the corporation. Currently, Youngblood is lobbying to have Parker ousted from the CEO position, and his own brother, Malcolm, installed.

By 2045, Youngblood used Trieste's infatuation with him to talk her into a marriage of convenience, combining his stock with hers to form a large controlling interest and became Petrochem's Chief Officer. Now that Ellen is dead, he no longer must cater to her romantic fantasies, as unwanted as he once found them. He has also formed a rivalry with Olivia Forsythe of Continental Brands, for her role in stealing billions of dollars of intellectual and physical property from Petrochem under his watch.[2]


Resources 8, Personal Grooming 6, Style 7, Intimidate 5, Seduction 6, Social 7, Per-suasion and Fast Talk 5, Awareness/Notice 5, Education and General Knowledge 6, Petrochem Corp. 5, Expert Agriculture 6, Business 7, Stock Market 5, Driving 6, Melee 2,Handgun 6, Rifle 4, Brawling 6.[1]


Basic Processor, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Data Term Link, Mr. Studd, Basic Cyberoptic, Times Square Marquee, Low-Lite™, Basic Cyber-audio, Radio Link, Phone Splice, Bug Detector.[1]


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