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Andrew "Boa Boa" Weyland is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2020.


Andrew Weyland leads one of the most terrifying black ops units in the corporate world: The Water Leopards. The Water Leopards are a group of Jamaican mercenaries that freelanced successfully for several years before hooking up with Angus Youngblood. Since Youngblood joined Petrochem, they have become part of the company's military forces.

Weyland is heavily into Rastafarian Mysticism, and he uses it as a tool to terrorize his targets and enemies. A ruthless and cruel man who enjoys his work and never tires of killing, he is a lethal enemy. He is also completely loyal to Angus Youngblood, although nominally a corporation employee. Weyland is a skilled soldier, and he aspires to command of Petrochem's forces. Youngblood has promised to oblige him when he seizes power, but the Water Leopards have an acrimonious relationship with the regular soldiers, and such a move could prove dangerous. Weyland and Shepard dislike and distrust each other, but they work together as their jobs dictate.[2]

He has survived personal confrontations with Morgan Blackhand, Jenni Flexx, and John Jones (no slouch at hand-to-hand combat), but his experience is too specific for a number-one slot. The Water Leopards have suffered setbacks—they lost two of their original twelve members last year, allegedly due to corporate infighting and poor intelligence. If this is true, then we may see the Leopards go freelance again soon.[3]

He had a son named Crispin who became a mercenary like his father. Boa Boa died before 2077, his vault can be found in the Columbarium. His epitaph reads: "He tried to shape reality at a lethal cost."[1]


Weyland is a tall, imposing Jamaican, with a full set of braided dreadlocks. He sports the piercing, yellow, cybernetic eyes that are the trademark of the Water Leopards. He has a light-tattoo of a snakeskin pattern over his entire body, from which his troops coined his nickname of Boa Boa.[2]

Skills & Equipment[]

Type Description
Skills Combat Sense +9, Intimidate +10, Resist Torture/Drugs +10, Leadership +6, Awareness/ Notice +7, Expert Black Ops +7, Expert Small Unit Tactics +6, Expert Jamaican/Rastafarian Mysticism +10, Shadow/Track +5, Wilderness Survival +6, Athletics +5, Dodge and Escape +5, Driving +4, Fencing +6, Melee +7, Capoeira +6, Handgun +6, Rifle +6, Sub-machinegun +6, Heavy Weapons +2, Demolitions +4, Stealth +7[2]
Cyberware Light Tattoo, Basic Processor, Chipware Socket,Smartgun Link, Interface Plugs, Kerenzikov +2, Muscle and Bone Lace, Wolvers (both hands), Skin Weave, Basic Cyberoptic, Color Shift, Targeting Scope, Low-Lite™, Times Square Marquee[2]


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