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Anders Hellman is a prominent bioengineer, most known for having the leading role in the creation of the Relic program.


Early Life

Anders Hellman was an expert in neural networks and had a number of successful patents under his name, He was considered to be one of the cornerstones of Arasaka scientific project development. His most prominent role within the megacorporation was steering the advancement of the Relic Project as its director. Using the Soulkiller's source code, Hellman created a new piece of technology that is capable of communicating with personality constructs. His invention, regardless of being a celebrated breakthrough, remained a generally controversial topic.[1]

During his time working with as the Relic Project director he became close with Saburo Arasaka and the rest of the Arasaka family.


By 2077, Anders Hellman discovered that Yorinobu stole a Relic prototype and left for Night City. Believing that Yorinobu did not understand the biochip was not ready or functional, he tried contacting him to inform him it was not ready, and that he should speak with his father Saburo or him before anything else. Yorinobu later called Hellman and they discussed the situation, Yorinobu refused to speak with his father and was only willing to check Hellman's notes he had sent. Hellman told Saburo that the biochip was stolen from his son, which led to him and Hanako to travel to Night City on the Kujira. Hellman was already negotiating his employment status with Kang Tao, as they offered a better deal than the one he had with Arasaka.[2]

Not long after, Hellman deserted the Arasaka Corporation without formally terminating his employment contract, and was picked up by a Kang Tao crew, offering covert evacuation. His credentials had not been concealed well enough due to the AV transport being discovered and pinpointed for interception. The AV was targeted and brought down over Jackson Plains, after which, as they were tasked, Kang Tao soldiers pulled Hellman out of the wreckage and proceeded with their mission on land. The group took over the nearest CHOOH2 station, waiting for assistance, although, even with the amount of automated defenses they set up, mercenaries V Panam Palmer got through the defenses and kidnapped Hellman, with the Aldecaldos nomad clan concealing their tracks. Hellman feared that Arasaka had discovered his treason, but was incapacitated prior to talking more and carried to the Badlands' Sunset Motel.[3]

Once back to his senses and realizing he was captured by V, Hellman was quick to bargain, pointing out that his loyalty could be bought for a higher price. Once he had learned of the true reason of the kidnapping had, namely that the prototype relic being intertwined with V's psyche, he admitted that he did not know much of how the relic functioned. By the time he left Arasaka, the project itself was still in trial phase, facing barricades that would have potentially been crossed by learning of the process that happened to V then and there. The chip itself had not yet been tested on bodies that were not "neurally indifferent" during implantation. Intrigued, he was allowed to connect to V with his personal link, though he abruptly ended the examination as he was unable to fully examine the corrupted relic, since V's neural network could no longer function independently without it. As a consolation, he suggested clinic in Sweden he was familiar with, which offered support to those facing imminent death.

As V rejected this suggestion, Hellman's offer changed to one involving Kang Tao instead, insisting that the data within V's head must be saved. Hellman also mentioned that there was a high chance that Johnny Silverhand's engram would not violently take over V's mind, but instead allow a gradual assimilation of Silverhand's memories, thought processes and decisions to the point of assuming his character.[3] The interrogation was interrupted by the arrival of Goro Takemura, who had still been on the hunt for proof of Yorinobu's betrayal of Arasaka. Hellman's close contact with the Arasaka heir prior to Saburo's murder made him an excellent subject to catechize.[3]

If V took Hanako's offer in Nocturne Op55N1:

Hellman arrived with Takemura to pick up V as they headed for the Arasaka Estate. He briefly noted that he was worth more to Arasaka alive than harmed or dead, as an explanation of not suffering for his attempted desertion. Hellaman also pointed out how he did not trust V to follow through with Hanako's plan due the progressive effect of the engram on their psyche. Having a history of blowing up Arasaka buildings, Silverhand would not be the first person to simply be let back onto the corporation's premises, even in a form he was in. Hellman warned Takemura to keep an eye on V as the mission developed. Takemura noted his distrust and even threatened Hellman after he had insulted V.

If V did not save Takemura:
Hellman went to see V aboard the Arasaka Orbital Station. He explained that while the chip had been successfully removed, the damage it caused to V's body was too severe, that the latter would likely only live for another six months. Hellman then presented V with a contract from Hanako herself, one which would allow a digitized copy of V's psyche to to be stored in Mikoshi until the possibility of a new body became available. Hellman told V that they were free to refuse this offer, but warned that the alternative would be a short and painful life for them.

If V signed the contract:
Once V took the document into their hands, Hellman casually mentioned that since a digitized psyche is not considered an individual but rather property of the Arasaka corporation, the contract itself was in fact the relinquishment of the human's rights. He assured V that the current participants in the program were well known and nobody had yet complained.

If V refused to sign the contract:
After V refused to sign the contract, Hellman left their fate to the Arasaka staff. He expressed unspoken anger at V's decision and walked out of the room.

Database Entry

Anders Hellman
Anders Hellman

Anders Hellman is Arasaka's leading bioengineer - an expert in neural networks with a number of groundbreaking patents under his belt and one of the megacorporation's pillars as director of the Relic project.

Using Soulkiller's source code, Hellman created a piece of tech capable of communicating with personality constructs. He has a pretty high opinion of himself - he believes he's irreplaceable and too valuable for Arasaka to simply ever let him go...[1]

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