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Anastasia Luccessi is Antonio Luccessi's twenty-five year old granddaughter, child of Antonio's youngest son. Attracted by the idea of working for the company her grandfather helped to found, Anastasia fled her agrarian family at the age of seventeen to come work in the United States, leaving her distraught parents and siblings behind. Upon arrival, Antonio secured for her a space in the Militech special operations training school, wishing for her to become an executive, but believing that the combat training would help her protect herself in the dangerous corporate world. But Anastasia took to the combat training, and to her grandfather's consternation, decided to make a career out of special operations.

Anastasia was a special operations natural, and has become one of Militech's most dangerous agents. She is darkly and seductively beautiful, merciless, and adept at several forms of combat. She has run infiltration, extraction, espionage and assassination missions for the corporation. Her loyalty to Militech is above question, and she is a common sight around the Rosslyn office, the New Hampshire design facilities, the Special Ops School, and the Special Projects facilities where she has clearance as a security expert. She is known among the board by the codename Sphinx and among the lower executives and troops by the nickname "The Bitch".[1]


INT 8, REF 10/11, TECH 7, COOL 10, ATTR 11, LUCK 4, MA 8, BODY 8, EMP 9/4, SAVE 8, BTM 3.[1]


Combat Sense 8, Wardrobe and Style 9, Interrogation 8, Seduction 9, Social 5, Awareness/Notice 6,Expert Special Ops 5, Hide/Evade 5, Italian (Native), English 7, Shad-ow/Track 4, Wilderness Survival 2,Driving 4, Pistol 8, Rifle 6, Submachine gun 2, Demolitions 3, Elect.Security 6, Melee 5, Aikido 5.[1]


Basic processor, Kerenzikov boosterware level one, adrenal booster, smartgun link, chipware socket, contraceptive implant, toxin binders, basic cyberoptic module,image enhancement, Times Square Marquee, teleoptics, Low-Lite™, cybersnake, rippers (both hands)[1]


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