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Altiera "Alt" Cunningham is a a famous Netrunner. She also got in a relationship with Johnny Silverhand, lead singer of the band Samurai.

Overview Edit

Alt became Johnny Silverhand's in 2020. Her history however is very scattered and not even Johnny knows fully. She is a hotshot programmer and Net wiz, she's written an incredibly deadly program that can suck your mind out and eat it. despite her spending most of her time in the Net, she's no helpless heroine, as her enemy, Toshiro, learned the hard way.

She invented the beta version of Soulkiller, a program that would make a digital emulation or copy of a netrunner's mind. Saburo Arasaka kidnapped her, extracted the information from her, and made a more deadly version that would simultaneously fry the netrunner's mind after backing it up, allowing a Sysop to interrogate it at will. They then used it on Alt since she was of no further use to them, but her digital "ghost" broke free into the Net.

Skills Edit

Interface +10, Handgun +2, Drive +4, Athletics +5, Notice +8, Seduction +7

Cyberware Edit

Interface plugs. Gold cyberarm with hidden compartment

Outfit Edit

Light Armor Jacket, Monoknife, Federated Arms X-22 pistol

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