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When you're always on the go, you don't have time for grocery shopping. Allfood cooperatives have the solution to your problem. Simply place your order in the morning, along with the time you wish your food to be delivered and we'll take care of your weekly shopping needs.

All Foods, Inc.[1] (known as Allfoods Inc[2] during the 2020s) is corporation based in Mexico which focuses on providing its customers with readily available quality food (usually meat based products). The majority of Allfoods products and their sales go to the United States.


Allfoods Inc originally started as just a simple meat shop, later turned into a country wide grocery chain, and finally become one of the worlds largest grocery services for meats and all food. Allfoods is a subsidiary of Biotechnica.[citation needed]


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Allfood cooperatives charge a nominal delivery fee of 10 eurodollars per delivery, plus an additional 25 eurodollars monthly membership fee. Included in this fee is the Allfood guarantee of the finest quality goods, plus members of the Holt Coalition, an international conglomerate run by Maxcene Holt, consisting of Allfood Inc., Petminders, Bodycure, CompuShop, and Mark 24 convenience stores.[2] By 2077, they offer a comprehensive family feeding service.




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