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All Along the Watchtower is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It concludes "The Star" ending and awards the associated achievement.


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Journal Entry[]

So you decided to ditch the City of Dreams - start anew, start fresh. I went through a few fresh starts in my life, too. And you know what? Don't regret a damn thing. You won't either. Give my regards to the South. And when you hear Johnny's voice, go ahead and smile, but don't bother to answer. It'll just be a voice on the radio recorded long ago, a fading reproduction, a flickering memory. You'll be someone completely different. Take care, V.


  • Join Panam
  • Talk to Panam
  • Get in the car
  • (Dependent) Find out who's waiting for you at the camp
    • Talk to Judy/River/Kerry
  • Discuss the plan with Mitch and Panam
  • Get in the Basilisk
  • Talk to Panam
  • Follow the nomads
  • Cross the border


  • If someone special is waiting at the camp and who that person is depends on who V romanced (if V romanced more than one character, it depends on who V calls to say goodbye at the end of Nocturne Op55N1; if V chooses to forego any goodbye call, no one extra will be waiting):
    • Panam Palmer: No one extra will be waiting as V is already united with his romantic partner.
    • Judy Álvarez: Judy was picked up by Carol Emeka and brought to the camp. She will leave Night City with V and the Aldecaldos.
    • Kerry Eurodyne: Kerry came to the camp in a Delamain cab. He tells V that he cannot leave as he now finally has Night City "by the throat" and is simply afraid to leave. He also cannot bear the thought of having to return to Night City alone (after V's presumed death) in the not so distant future. As they part ways, Kerry asks V to give his album a listen pre-release.
    • River Ward: River came to the camp himself. As he does not want to leave Night City, including his sister and her kids, behind, he parts ways with V.
  • Panam mentions that Mitch has been in bed for weeks after attacking Arasaka, indicating this to be the amount of time that has passed since Nocturne Op55N1.