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This is a listing of prime universe Aldecaldos Nation members. For individual character information see their respective pages.

Cyberpunk 2020[]

Members Role Description
Juan Aldecaldo Nation founder and leader Formed the Aldecaldos and became their first leader after having an emotional interview on the death of his son.
Santiago Aldecaldo Nation leader Became the leader after Juan Aldecaldo died. Became well acquainted with figures such as Johnny Silverhand and Rogue Amendiares.
Tommy Blaine Family leader Leader of the Blaine Family.

Cyberpunk RED[]

Members Role Description
Trace Santiago Member Media and son of Nomad Santiago.

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Members Role Status Description
Saul Bright[1] Family leader Dependent[2] The leader of the Aldecaldo group in the Badlands. Saul is considered a good but cantankerous leader due to his feuding with Panam Palmer.
Panam Palmer Family leader Alive A Aldecaldo who had feuded with Saul to the point that she left the group to become a mercenary in Night City. She rejoined after V convinced her and became co-leader with Saul after she moved him with her devotion to the family.
V Member Dependent[3] If V completes all of Panam's side jobs and chooses to ask her for help during Nocturne Op55N1, Saul will welcome them as full member of the Aldecaldos.
Dakota Smith[1] Fixer Alive A static nomad and the primary and eldest fixer in the NC Badlands.
Mitch Anderson[1] Member Alive A man with dark, thinning hair and a stubble. He has various scratches, a scar on his right cheek, and various implants on his face and neck. He has a prosthetic left arm. He wears a camo green coverall rolled up to his elbows and with kneepads, a full-body harness attached to a red and orange bulletproof vest, and black and orange athletic shoes. Mitch is a mechanic and a veteran, formerly deployed with Scorpion. He is close friends with Panam, recalling stories of their past hijinks if you speak with him.
Driss "Scorpion" Meriana Member Deceased[4] A close friend of both Panam and Mitch, as well as the latter's partner when the two served during the Unification War. He is later killed by Kang Tao soldiers when attempting to investigate their crashed AV.
Carol Emeka Member Alive Technician, nicknamed Agony Aunt Carol.
Ellie Member Alive A young woman with brown hair, in shorts, tank top, with a stars-and-stripes bandana. Ellie can be found near the bar in the first Aldecaldos Camp. She has a brief conversation with Panam.
Bob Sagan Member Dependent[5] A man a mustache and goatee, a shaved head covered by a black cap, as well as a headpiece on the right side of his head. He wears a dirtied white undershirt, black overalls with many pockets, as well as a bulletproof vest. He also appears to have an implant on his left hand, with many thick wires leading down his back and shoulder to it.
Teddy Simos Member Dependent[6] A clean-shaven and bald nomad. He wears a blue cap, a black and blue vest, denim pants, rust red boots, and a harness over his tank top. He has implants up both of his arms and near his collarbones. He also has a tattoo on his left shoulder and one on the back of his right upper arm.
Cassidy Righter Member Alive An elder Aldecaldo, with wrinkles and grayed slicked-back hair and mustache. He wears a white cowboy hat, a mostly unbuttoned plaid shirt, with soft yellows and purples, over a dirty white under-shirt, and padded corduroy-textured pants tucked into combat boots. He also wears an Aldecaldo signature full-body harness, fitted with a gun holster. Cassidy also has a deep scar on the left side on his face, as well a few seen on his arms and hands. He is described as being the best shot in the entire camp.
Taco Gunslinger Alive Jeff's twin brother. Taco has dreads and a black and orange gaiter over the lower half of his face. He wears an olive green and orange Aldecaldo jacket with an armor collar over it, as well as denim pants. During Gun Music, Either Jeff or Taco (one or the other, both do not appear) recognizes V and nervously asks for help with a risky deal the Aldecaldos made with scavs. Upon visiting the camp after completing the gig, the brothers call V over to offer thanks for the assistance.
Jeff Member Alive Taco's twin brother. Identical description to Taco.
Jake Scooter Member Dependent[7] An injured man who was hurt after a Raffen Shiv attack. He needs a specially customized implant due to his sickle cell anemia. Bob asks for V's help, prompting the optional quest Fortunate Son. Jake can be seen playing an acoustic guitar and singing after recovery if the gig is completed.
Emily Scooter Member Alive A woman with mid-length black hair, wears a blue bandana with white stars around her neck, a blue Aldecaldo jacket and black leather pants. She is seen at Jake's bedside after he gets injured, seeming distraught by his state, and can also be seen around the camp as an unnamed member.
Trevor Brass Member Deceased A deceased member who was shot by Wraiths, his bullet-riddled vehicle discovered outside of a Wraith nest. Dakota Smith's Gig: Trevor's Last Ride asks that you recover his body for his relatives so that they may bury him.
Anna Hamill Member Dependent[8] A disillusioned ex-cop, who V (only with Nomad lifepath) can persuade to join the Aldecaldos in Gig: Woman of La Mancha.
Bruce Welby Member Dependent[9] An ex-smuggler who is freed from Militech detention by his old friend Archibald Crane with help by V during Gig: Goodbye, Night City. Bruce subsequently joins the Aldecaldos, saying that, with his past career, he has important knowledge to offer and feels good being part of a family.
Joss Kutcher's husband Member Deceased Joss Kutcher's former husband, who found an "honorable death" according to the Aldecaldos. Loosing him put Joss, mother of two, in a precarious situation. According to her, it was tough with him, but even tougher without him.
Cyndi Lathan Member Unknown (Runaway) A 17-years old Aldecaldos runaway, who has been in Night City for one week. Her details can be found on slave trader Jae-Hyun's computer during Gig: Small Man, Big Evil under the title "up for grabs".
Luigi Antonowicz Racer Alive Together with their co-driver Margot Wojciechowicz, Luigi participates in races during The Beast in Me: Badlands and The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo with their Thorton Galena "The Rat".
Margot Wojciechowicz Racer Alive Together with their co-driver Luigi Antonowicz, Margot participates in races during The Beast in Me: Badlands and The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo with their Thorton Galena "The Rat".
Jason Wildriver Member Dependent[10] Wildriver has a gig with merc Benedict McAdams but sells him out to Militech. Dakota Smith hires V to rescue McAdams, who can then choose to kill, incapacitate or avoid Wildriver.
Euralio Alma Member Deceased[11] Alma was tortured by the Wraiths and forced to detect expensive military equipment, which gave him the chance to arm himself before going psycho. Even if V spares him, a grave with his name will appear outside the Aldecaldos camp a day later.
Josie Alcazar Member Deceased[12] Josie was killed by a wound inflicted by Tyger Claws. According to the inspection of her body, she wore Aldecaldos clothes.


  • If the player romanced Judy Álvarez, calls her to say goodbye during Nocturne Op55N1, and then calls Panam to ask for the Aldecaldos' help ("The Star" ending), Judy will meet with V and leave Night City with them. Although it is heavily implied it remains uncertain whether Judy then becomes a full Aldecaldo member, too.