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Hmm. Wouldn't it be chill if Alt flubbed the play and Akira was still up and round when the players burst into Tashiro's office. Sure it would. Everyone should have a chance to battle the Hulk from Hell.

Akira is a character that appears in Cyberpunk 2013 and Cyberpunk 2077 as a security guard of Arasaka.[1]



Akira was a prominent bodyguard in the Arasaka Tower in 2013. He was described by the employees as the 'Hulk from hell.' He was tasked with guarding Toshiro, the high level corporate of the Arasaka Corporation in Night City. In 2013, Toshiro and Akira greeted Alt Cunningham in the bar of Arasaka Tower with a glass of scotch upon being awoken after the kidnapping.

However during the meeting between Toshiro and Alt, a riot at the foot of the tower was created with rockerboy Johnny Silverhand leading the charge. Akira moved to protect Toshiro and Alt while the two were working to replicate her work of the Soulkiller. Akira was confronted by Johnny, Rogue, Santiago, and Thompson as they fought through his men. Akira fought off the group but was eventually killed by Johnny Silverhand.[2]


In 2077, V enters the blackwall of the net, they relived Johnny Silverhands memories and saw fight with Akira who was defending Alt Cunningham. Akira's fate was left ambiguous, but Alt later tells the V that Johnny's memories are imperfect and elevate Johnny in his version of events.



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