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The Afterlife is the name of a club in Night City. It is the base of operations for the Afterlife Mercs.



In 2020, the Afterlife bar was a converted mortuary to bar had three different areas, "The Antechamber," "The Crypt," and "Hades", which were all inhabited by hard-drinking, hard-fighting solos who came here to enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie. As one delves deeper into the Afterlife, each successive chamber became darker and more dangerous, with Hades being filled with the combat veterans who hired out for the highest prices.

The Afterlife was best be described as a cross between a country-western bar and a motorcycle guild hall. The sound system played a variety of martial music and Gothic rock, and the closest thing to dancing was the occasional brawl. But this is a pro's club, no one needed to prove themselves; their presence was proof enough. Any brawls were strictly for fun.

Although many people came to the Afterlife to hire solos, a larger proportion posted messages on a marquee which circulated proposals throughout the bar. Those who did enter the bar do so at their own risk, and have paid the price in the past.[1]


By 2045, after the Fourth Corporate War, the Afterlife continued its reputation as the premiere solo bar in Night City. Rebuilt in the remains of an old morgue on the outskirts of the Hot Zone, it was now run by the legendary solo, Rogue Amendiares. Every solo in the city dreamt of getting a drink at the Afterlife named after them, even if it only happened post-mortem. While a "Johnny Silverhand" can be ordered at the bar, a "Morgan Blackhand" cannot, as no one knows which was his fate.[2]

At some point later, Rogue and the rest of people of the Afterlife were forced to move to the northern Watson District, since the area they were located was being populated by wealthier people. As the areas of the City Center begun to blossom, there simply was no room for a Solo bar there.[3] Luckily for Rogue, she managed to find another morgue in which to rebuild the Afterlife.


The Afterlife is still owned by Rogue,[4] who had managed to become the biggest fixer in Night City. The club has a bar that names its drinks after the legendary Edgerunners. Among other things, it is a location where certain business transactions can be conducted. V, Jackie Welles and T-Bug visited the Afterlife early in the game after successfully completing an assignment for Dexter DeShawn.[5]

Database Entry (2077)


As the old saying goes "There is only one path in Night City worth walking: the one that leads to the Afterlife." Once you make it here, sooner or later, everything else opens up to you. The Afterlife is an iconic bar where the who's who of mercs and first-rate fixers gather to kick back or conduct biz. It's also a major nerve center for the city. This is place where the biggest deals get cut and the job rewards have the most zeros tacked on. Stop here to spot big names such as Rogue, Dexter DeShawn and that guy who "drank with Morgan Blackhand once"... Speaking of , it's said Blackhand's ghost still wanders the bar, switching off the safeties of customers' holstered guns. Of course, it's probably best to check that out for yourself. That is... provided you've earned enough street cred to get you through the front door.[5]

Notable People

Afterlife Mercs

Name Info
Rogue Amendiares Owner
Emmerick Bronson Bouncer
Claire Russell Bartender
Crispin "Squama" Weyland Rogue's bodyguard
Nix Netrunner in service to Rogue


Name Info
Dennis Cranmer Offers Big in Japan side job


  • This location cannot be entered prior to meeting Jackie Welles there at the start of The Heist.



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