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Aerocab (Little China) is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Aerocab is primarily an airtaxi, specializing in short flights to local areas in the Night City region. Airtaxis of this sort are a relatively new phenomenon, possible only as corporate AV-fleets and government obsolescence made aerodyne vehicle available at lower prices. Aerocab was one of the first to break into this lucrative market, and gained a very strong foothold by sharing the costs of AV-landing stages and rooftop platforms with various landlords throughout Night City. At prices of 10 eb per mile, plus a 25 eb pick-up fee, Aerocab is primarily a luxury for Movers in a hurry, or cyberpunks on the run from a botched job.

Aerocab's taxi force consists of approximately ten reconditioned AV-4's, 3 aerogyros and a three new AV-7 vehicles. Its few ground units are mostly used to take customers into areas where a flying vehicle would find landing too dangerous. AeroCab units can be called by phone, dataterm, or from most buildings in the Corporate Center. The Aerocab building is primarily designed as a dispatcher location; maintenance and storage of its vehicles are on Aerocab's many private landing stages throughout the City.

Security Level: 1[1]

Aerocab (Little China) is situated in Night City's Little China sector of downtown.


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