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Advocet Hotel is a hotel in Night City.



In the early 21st century, the Advocet was marketed as being a "luxury" destination, despite being a notorious 3-star hotel. The hotel had above average amenities including terminals in each room as well as a gym, spa, casino, shopping arcade, nightclub/lounge and AV landing pads. The owners at the time felt their customers, mostly businessmen, would spend copious amounts of eurobucks inside the hotel to steadily increase profits. If customers wanted extra activities such as drugs, illegal braindances or similar, the hotel concierge arranged these as "services" only offered to in-house guests. As such, the police attention was usually focused elsewhere. This would ultimately result in rich, questionable patrons renting the upper penthouse suites. Rockerboys were a common sight here.

The Advocet and nearby competitor, the Havenford Hotel, were generally booked full the entire year due to their proximity to the Night City Convention Center.[1]


By 2077, the Advocet could be found on Congress Street in Vista del Rey, Heywood. By this time, the hotel itself was a derelict husk covered in Valentino gang markings and was heavily neglected, although one of the elevators was still functional. Accessing The Advocet's lobby, the elevator could be taken up to the 42nd floor, the hotel's terrace.[2]


  • After taking the elevator to the terrace, it will begin to rain and one can find an NPC labelled "Unknown" holding a bird. This is an homage to the character Roy Batty portrayed by Rutger Hauer in the 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott. Close to the body is a neon sign that reads: "Like Tears," a reference to Roy Batty's final speech before his death: "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain... Time to die."


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