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A beautiful young woman cloned from Dr. Francis Young's previous daughter who had died tragically, Amelia. She is a very bright and friendly person, much like the woman she was cloned from, but she is very young and naive. She has little real life experience on which to base her judgement. Pain and loss to her are memories which she had never experienced directly. She also has a computer implanted in her brain. Adriana doesn't need much sleep, and often is prone to work at all hours of the day and night, taking only occasional catnaps.[1]


INT 10, COOL 6, MA 6, SAVE 7, REF 9, ATR 10, BODY 7, BTM -2, TECH 9, LUCK 5, EMP 9/7.[1]


Medical Tech 8, Awareness/Notice 4, Basic Tech 8, Diagnose 5, Education 7, Cryotank Operation 5, Library Search 6, Pharmaceuticals 6, Resist Torture 3, Cloning 9, Programming 5, Driving 2, Handgun 1, Dance 4.[1]


Basic Processor, Chipware socket, Interface plugs, machine/tech link, DataTerm link.[1]


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