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The high-threat big brother to the RPU-A and RPU-B, designed for urban patrol and high-level crowd and prisoner control.

In configuration it is almost same as the RPU-B, with both arms holding an H&K MP 2013 and a pair of implanted Rippers. The central torso contains an Arasaka RA-12 (with 100 round drum magazine) and an H&K MPK-11 (with 100 round magazine). It is also equipped with four weapon mounts and links in the same configuration as the RPU-B.

The unit's arms are SP=25 and SDP=30/40, its torso is SP=25 and SDP=40/50, and its legs SP=25 and SDP=35/45. Rendering the torso useless will disable the unit. Remote and interface capabilities are identical to those of the RPU-B.

These units can operate semi-autonomously. Maximum ground speed is 30kph. It is believed that Adrek Robotics has produced an experimental, fully-autonomous RPU, but it has yet to come onto the market.[1]

Reference Edit

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