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The medium threat version of the RPU-A, the RPU-B is vaguely humanoid in configuration, and possesses senses equal to those of a human (enhancements are possible at the same cost as the RPU-A). Size: 2mT x 0.5m Dia., Weight 300kg.

The unit has two manipulator arms, fitted in an identical way to the RPU-A. In addition, the center torso holds an H&K MPK-9 (with 100 round drum). In addition, four external weapon mounts and links are also provided, two on the hips and two on the shoulders of the unit.

The units arms are SP=25 and SDP=25/35, while the torso has SP=25 and SDP=35/45. The legs have SP=25 and SDP=30/40. Crippling the central torso disables the unit.

Control and interface details are same as the RPU-A. The unit can handle a slightly more sophisticated fallback routine, i.e. return to point of last contact and if contact not re-established , return to designated location. Maximum ground speed is 40kph.[1]

Reference Edit

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