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2020Icon The RPU-A is designed to patrol low-threat areas, such as minimum to medium security containment facilities. It's also used as a crowd control unit in situations in which resistance is not expected to be too intense.

The standard unit looks somewhat like a trashcan on balloon tires. Size:1.5mT x 45cm Dia., Weight 120kg. lt is fitted with audio/Visual sensors and aloud speaker unit. The unit has two manipulator arms, the right being equipped with a Militech Electronics Taser which runs off the robots internal battery.The left arm is equipped with an Avante P1135 Needlegun (with a 45 round magazine),while the torso contains a Nelspot 'Wombat' paintgun (for marking suspects) with a 60 round magazine. Sensors can be upgraded as per the cyberoptic/audio options, but at 20% less cost.

Each arm has SP and SDP=20 (useless)/30 (destroyed).The central torso has SP=20 and SDP=40 (useless)/50 (destroyed). Rendering the central torso useless or destroyed disables the entire unit. Maximum speed is 50 kph.

Remote-controlled by either a human or AI system, the standard range between control panel,which may be enhanced by greater transmission power. If not under direct control, an RPU has a limited fallback routine: return to point of last contact, return to a pre-designated location, or shut down and emit homing signal. An interface link may be added at a 500eb cost, providing a+2 bonus to operation skills.[1]


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