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Adrek Robotics Mini-Cyberform Model B-2 "Centipede" is mini cyberform shape of centipede. The Centipede has three 30cm body sections and a 15cm head section. The head section houses the Centipede's sensors, its monoedged mandibles and its Advanced Air Gun. The Centipede's sensors have a range of 60 meters and include visual, thermal, olfactory, audio, and motion sensors. These sensors are all enhanced, giving the Centipede (or its operator) a +2 on all sense-based Awareness rolls. The mandibles function both as insulated cutters (they can easily snip steel cable) and melee weapons (they inflict 2D6 on a successful hit). The Advanced Air Gun has an integral targeting system (+ 2 on all attack rolls using it) and the following statistics: WA: + 1 Damage/ Ammo: Drugs #Shots: 30 ROF: 3 REL: VR Range: 50m. Treat the MG's rounds as Needlegun rounds, except they inflict 1D6. The first body section houses the Centipede's ceretronic core and its target memory chips. The second body section houses a Micro Missile launcher (#Shots: 4, REL: VR) and its ammo. The third section houses the Centipede's battery.

The Centipede can be programmed to target up to three specific people or a general class of targets. The Centipede can handle fairly complex instruction sets, but its does have limitations. In general, the Centipede can be treated as being slightly more intelligent than a dog.

Each body section has two legs which have "sticky feet" that enables the Centipede to cling to nearly any surface. The legs also each contain a polymer thread maker that can create up to 30 meters of thread. The thread can be stuck to most surfaces and will support the weight of the Centipede. This thread is most often used by a Centipede to lower itself into rooms or onto a target.

The Centipede is equipped with a stealth system which includes sound dampers, thermal dampers, and a chameleon outer skin (which alters to roughly match the terrain>. This system yields a -3 penalty to the Awareness of those attempting to detect a Centipede using sound, thermal, or visual sensors.

The Centipede can be equipped for space operations for an additional 2,000eb. This upgrade includes radiation shielding (RSP: 4) and micro-thrusters that enable the unit to maneuver in zero-g. The thrusters can move the unit at up to 20 mph. A Centipede that has been modified for zero-g is not disoriented by zero-g conditions and uses all its skills at their full value.

For particularly important missions, a Centipede can be remote-controlled by a human or AI. The standard controller (included in the purchase price) has a range of 4 km (40km in space). This range can be boosted with a stronger transmitter. For an additional 200eb the controller can be fitted with interface plugs, giving the operator a + 2 bonus.

Game Notes: Control Modifier: 0, SP: 15/SDP: 15, MA: 8, Battery Life: 30 days Control Range (standard): 4 km. When operating on its own a Centipede has: REF 10, /NT 7, Mandible Attack +3, Awareness +3, MG +3 and Athletics +2.[1]


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