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Addicted To Chaos is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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After sparing Leon Rinder's life during Gig: The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman, Leon flicks you the coordinates of his garage near Terra Cognita. He will send V a text message with the code "1975" so that they can open the door.

Inside the garage is Leon Rinder's Computer as well as a cache containing the Iconic DB-2 Testera Dezerter.

Journal Entry[]

Go on, V. Time to see if your deal with a homicidal psychopath was worth it.


  • Go to Rinder's Stash
  • Enter code 1975 to open the garage.
  • Take Rinder's things.

Associated Shards[]


  • It is possible to override the garage's door terminal using the Remote Deactivation device hack.
  • The garage door is unpowered and cannot be opened prior to starting Gig: The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman. Pre-2.02, it was possible to open before the gig was completed by entering the correct code.


  • this quest will erroneously complete whenever you near the cache's location in Terra Cognita, even if you have not started the job. Furthermore, entering the code in the keypad will not work, even if you have started the job. However, once the job has been started, this bug can be bypassed by using "Remote Deactivation" with a cyberdeck installed. (Version: 2.02, PC) Icon check
  • If you looted the garage before receiving it's location from Rinder, you will not be able to complete the quest. (Version: 2.02, PC) Icon check