They call this war a meat-grinder. Well, you're the meat, and I'm the grinder baby!

— Adam Smasher, Firestorm Shockwave

Adam Smasher is a full borg Solo and rival of Morgan Blackhand. Adam is employed by Arasaka.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A full fledged Cyborg, with little humanity left to be seen. He is the Rival of Morgan Blackhand and dealt the killing blow to Johnny Silverhand. Adam was given a choice by Arasaka after being reduced to mush by a trip mine, either pull the plug or become a full body cyborg. With little to no options and a lack of care for his human side, he agreed and became more machine than man. Adam has no empathy for people or even his fellow employees, Arasaka kept him alive, so he lives to repay their kind deeds to him. By killing the enemies of the corporation.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2000s[edit | edit source]

Adam Smasher was a fairly typical punk, a worthless New York mook who moved into the Army when they wiped out his gang. After several years in uniform, he was discharged for bad conduct and took up being a contract gun-boy in New York. 

It was a good life for Adam: His lack of squeamishness and sadistic thoroughness brought in enough jobs to keep him in guns, gear, drugs, and brutal one-night stands. But he finally went on that one job where everything fell apart. A couple of rockets turned him into a meatloaf. His buddies backpacked what was left of him out of the zone and back to the Big Apple. A mysterious corporate benefactor took note and made him the classic offer he couldn't refuse: corporate service in a metal body, or death. As if thoughts of lost humanity would bother Adam. 

2010s[edit | edit source]

Seven years later since then, the new Adam Smasher, cyborg, had made quite a name for himself along the eastern seaboard. He hired out for almost any mission presented to him, as long as it wasn't an obvious suicide or double-cross. He does have one stipulation: Collateral damage and civilian casualties are a must. During this he had developed a quiet rivalry with Morgan Blackhand along the way, seeing the classic Solo as a threat to his metal-is-better-than-meat worldview. Adam had repeatedly tried to challenge him to a face-off, but Morgan only ignored him at every possible confrontation. Naturally, this snubbing had simply stoked the cyborg's psychopathic rage higher. 

Meanwhile, his secret benefactors had allowed him time for freelancing. That had changed with the war; now, Adam is somewhat fully employed by his patrons, who turn out to be a branch of Arasaka security. All this was fine with him, especially since he knew that Morgan was currently working for Militech.[1]

Fourth Corporate War 2022[edit | edit source]

In 2022, Adam Smasher was recruited by Arasaka to fight in the fourth corporate war. Adam was more than happy to fight for Arasaka because he knew Morgan Blackhand had been hired by Militech. Arasaka supplied him with everything he could ever want, including the DaiOni power armor conversion gear that turned Adam into a nearly unstoppable machine.

During the assault on the Arasaka Towers, Adam gravely injured Shaitan and killed Johnny Silverhand. Adam was left to an ambiguous fate as he was last seen fighting a fierce battle against Morgan Blackhand in the crumbling Night City Arasaka tower.[1]

2077[edit | edit source]

Adam Smasher returns in Cyberpunk 2077. He is still loyal to Arasaka and is described as having to have found his space in Night City by 2077.[2]

Outfit[edit | edit source]

Type Products
Cyberware Full cyborg body, two sets of interface plugs, chip slot, pain editors, link set (smartgun, vehicle, data), optics suite (low-lite, thermograph, Times Square Plus, targeting scope, anti-dazzle), cyberaudio (radio, tight-beam radio, and cellular links with scrambler, scanner, enhanced range, amplified hearing, sound editor, level damper), wolvers in both arms, quickchange mounts, radiation shielding, biopod. Adam is built on a heavily modified Samson frame, and typically wears SP 20 armored coveralls when he's on the job (giving him a total SP of 42).[1]
Armaments Tsunami Arms Helix

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References[edit | edit source]

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