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Born of an American father and English mother, Don McLeod served on the LAPD Vice Squad, Federal Witness Protection, and finally the LEDiv's Protection Squad (Secret Service division). After a brief and not very successful time running his own security agency, he did a stint as a free lance bodyguard in the UK. He was engaged for the tour on the strength of his rep and basic familiarity with Europe. No grunt, he's a cautious and responsible man, quiet, watchful and with the perpetual suspicion the job requires.[1]


Authority 6, Wardrobe & Style 3, Intimidate 4, Streetwise 7, Human Perception 4, Leadership 4, Awareness 7, Education 4, Athletics 2, Drive 6, Handgun 5, Thai Boxing 6, Melee 4, Stealth 3.[1]


Plugs, weapon link, Sandevistan speedware, cyberoptic (image enhancement, targeting, lo-lite, teleoptics)[1]


Militech taser, Sternmeyer 35 smartpistol, armourjack, mastoid commo, cellphone.[1]


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