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A Cool Metal Fire is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


This job starts during Chippin' In, and functions as an objective for it.

One will cut through several scenes of Johnny using your body to down a bunch of alcohol before learning from Claire Russell where Cassius Ryder is, who gives Johnny information on a man named Jeremiah Grayson, a person who appears to have ties to Smasher. He then provides the name of a night club dancer, Ruby Collins, who's known to have ties to Grayson. After getting into a fight with the bouncers, Johnny will leave with Ruby in a stolen car. He will proceed to fondle Ruby, distracting her and causing a car crash. A scene later, a wounded Ruby provides a location, Ebunike, before leaving. After one more scene, one will wake up in a motel room, this time as V with Rogue watching over them, who now knows everything. Talk to her to learn more information and she'll then leave to look into the location further.

Johnny will then appear and you and can be spoken to about the night's events a bit before finishing and going back to the main part of Chippin' In.

Journal Entry

Now, I don't ask you for much, but I gotta zero Smasher myself. That motherfucker thinks he's invincible. Worse, so does Rogue. All these years, Arasaka Tower's been haunting her. Enough's enough. I'm taking control this one time, I'm finding him, I'm wiping Adam Smasher off the face of the earth.


  • Get information and drink.
  • Talk to Cassius.
  • Watch Ruby dance.
  • Buy champagne at the bar.
  • Drink with Ruby.
    • Drink with the others in the club.
    • Choose a pill.
    • Talk to Ruby.
    • Go to the bathroom.
    • Talk to the bouncers.
    • Wait for Ruby to leave the club.
    • Talk to Ruby.
    • Take Ruby back to your place.
    • Talk to Ruby.
    • Have fun.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Talk to Johnny.


  • The title comes from Johnny Silverhand's solo album A Cool Metal Fire.[1]


  • During the job, V has to choose between a red or a blue pill, which is an homage to 1999's The Matrix film.


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