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AV-6 Combat Aerodyne is an aerodyne introduced in Cyberpunk 2020 and expanded on in Maximum Metal.

Cyberpunk 2020 Description[]

Powerplant: two Rolls-Royce Pegasus IV Vectored Thrust Turbofans
Performance: Max airspeed: 480 mph. Operational radius: 600 miles.
Structural Damage Points: 100. Most AV-6s'[sic] are armored to an SP of 40.
This is a high speed, fully combat capable version of the Av-4 aerodyne, with fans mounted in heavily armored side housings. AV-6's mount cyberassisted chin turrets (20mm cannon), plus rockets and missiles. AV-6's are primarily used by military units.

Maximum Metal Description[]

The standard military AV, the AV-6 is not much more than a truly military version of the AV-4. It handles a little better, and has heavier armament.
Special Equipment: IR baffling, ejection seats environment control, fire extinguisher, chaff and flare dispensers, four smoke launchers with IR smoke, military radio, laser communicator, visual rangefinder, auto-pilot with navigation system, image enhancement, laser detector, military radar with terrain-following, military radar detector, thremograph.
Weapons: Turret-mounted 20mm Gatling and painting laser, weapon wing with 8 spaces for pod weapons. Typical pod load includes two 7.62mm Minigun pods and two 19-shot 2.75" rocket pods.


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