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92.9 Night FM is a radio station in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]


Artist Title Written by Performed by Published by
Perilous Futur Dirty Roses Kevin Hastings OnenO
The Unresolved Worlds Sebastian Roberston; Daniel Davies SRDD (Sebastian Roberston; Daniel Davies)
The Unresolved X Sebastian Roberston; Daniel Davies SRDD (Sebastian Roberston; Daniel Davies)
Doctor Berserk Maniak Fabian Velazquez Picasso "Peermusic III, LTD. O/B/O Itself"; Lifeb4lions Music; Fabian Velazquez BMI Publishing Designee (BMI)
Generating Dependencies Be Machine Poly Face Poly Face Most
Lick Switch Like a Miracle Earth Trax Earth Trax Most
Kings of Collapse Run Steven Richard Davis Steven Richard Davis Tori Letzer Music BMI
Reviscerator Glitched Revelation Procesor Plus Procesor Plus
Reviscerator Yellow Box Procesor Plus Procesor Plus
The Bait Kill Kill Kristina Michelle Olson Le Destroy Kristina Michelle Olson
Ashes Potts Flying Heads Ivan Iusco; Elena Charbila Kid Moxie; Ivan Iusco; Elena Charbila Ivan Iusco; Elena Charbila
Yards of the Moon Volcano The Sailor Połoz Połoz
Cyber Coorayber Brain-Damaged Nikola Nikita Jeremic Nikola Nikita Jeremic


  • "Me Machine" by Generating Dependencies (Poly Face) and "Like a Miracle" by Lick Switch (Earth Trax) also appear in the soundtrack of the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.


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