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7th Hell is a nightclub in Cyberpunk 2077.


The nightclub can be found on the corner of Corporation Street and Ringroad West in Downtown, City Center, and is owned by former merc Jack Mausser.[1] Animals gang members can be seen providing security for the nighclub.


The club has two entrances, a front entrance that is guarded by a duo of Bouncers that will charge €$ 500 for entrance, and a back entrance elevator, most likely meant for employees. The back entrance can be opened with 9 Technical Ability.

1st Floor

After paying the entrance fee, a staircase corridor will lead down to the club level. Straight ahead, you can find the security room that is locked behind a 14 Technical Ability door. Inside the security room there is one Bouncer and a computer terminal.

To either sides there is a lounge area with seats and tables.
On the east side, a staircase leading down to the basement can be found. Further down the lounge, a door locked with 19 Technical Ability can be found, leading the artist room where a mirror and Access Point can be found. The door leading the DJ booth cannot be accessed. A staircase leading to the 2nd floor can be found here.
On the west side, a staircase to the 2nd floor can be found as well as a staircase to the VIP area. The VIP area staircase is off limited and guarded by a Bouncer.

In the central area, the dance floor, the DJ booth and the bar can be found. There is a small room that can be accessed that serves as a lighting control room, which has a computer terminal that can be hacked with 9 Intelligence.

If entered through the service entrance by elevator, it will lead to a hallway with stored instruments and a control room with a computer that can be hacked using 9 Intelligence. The room leads to the central area.

2nd Floor

On the second floor there are more seats and tables, toilets and a security room. Inside the womens toilet, a hackable S.C.S.M can be found that has no requirement. In the security room, a Security Guard and an Access Point, that required 9 Intelligence, can be found. Further down the security room, there is a ladder that leads to the scaffolding atop the DJ booth. This scaffolding can be crossed to reach the VIP area.

The VIP area is located on the northeast side of the second floor, but it is guarded by a Bouncer. Inside the VIP area, a terminal can be found and the night clubs owner, Jack Mausser along with a Bouncer.


In the basement, one can find several caches with items. Most notably, one of the caches contains a large sum of eurodollars and two Legendary Tomahawks.

Associated Shards