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6th Street are one of the many gangs featured in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

6th Street are a gang in Night City. One of their emblems is a blue "6th Street" with an outline of blue stars and a black skull with "6th Street" in the middle with an outline of black stars.

Founded by veterans of the 4th Corporate War tired of the helplessness of the NCPD, 6th Street was meant to serve and protect the community of Vista del Rey. Today their interpretation of the law and "bringing justice to the city" is questionable and self-serving.[2]

Details[edit | edit source]

The 6th Street gang was founded by old-fashioned American patriots who came together to act as an ad hoc police force. They have since forgone their original goal of serving public trust and are no different than any other gang who abuse their power and position in local communities. They regularly force smaller neighborhood businesses to pay tribute and "protection money," and are known to engage in various and outright criminal activities.

The uniforms of 6th Street gangers are heavily influenced by military and patriotic accents: military boots, tactical vests and knee pads, cargo pants, baseball caps with old USA flags, stars, stripes, and eagles. Cyberware used by the gang include cyberoptics, pain editors, and health monitors.[3]

Philosophy and structure[edit | edit source]

I've dealt with 6th street before. We do the run, they'll transfer the cred.

— Unknown

The gang consist of about 2,300 members. 6th Street was formed about fifty years ago by veterans of the Fourth Corporate War who were tired of the local gangs and the helplessness of the NCPD and decided to take matters into their own hands. They gathered some equipment, refreshed themselves on their training, and then took to the streets.

The gang was created to keep thugs and hoodlums at bay, and the charismatic leaders gave people a way protect themselves and seek retribution for the damage caused by other gangs. 6th Street gangers today are veterans of more recent conflicts, retired military and discharged corporate security officers who were unable to find other employment. The rest of the gang consist of civilians who received military training after joining the gang.

Their main motivation is to "bring justice to the city," but their interpretation of the law is questionable and self-serving. The main headquarters of the gang is in Arroyo but their other districts in their control have their own local HQs that are responsible for patrolling the neighborhood and monitoring the gang's facilities.[3]

Source of income[edit | edit source]

6th Street's operations include robbery, extortion, and gun smuggling. The group has extensive connections with Nomad groups outside of Night City.

The gang also steals and modifies cars. 6th Street has talented techies and run many garages and workshops around the city. They offer services as a combat taxi for hire, which makes them especially popular among edgerunners and mercenaries.

Despite their criminal nature, the gang is mostly tolerated by corporations and police forces, unless 6th Street gangers cause trouble outside their established turf. Military oriented corporations have customers for high-end products and the NCPD's job is made easier by the ersatz law that the gang maintains in their neighborhoods.[3]

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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