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Disambig This article is about the radio station. For the island in Del Coronado Bay, see Morro Rock.

107.3 Morro Rock Radio is a radio station in Cyberpunk RED and Cyberpunk 2077.


Morro Rock Radio has been around since at least the Time of the Red, with Wacky the Weatherman being its weather broadcaster during 2045.[1]

In 2077, the radio station focuses on playing rock, hip-hop, and pop music; of note the playlist contains many Samurai songs. It does not feature news broadcasts from N54 News or WNS, instead the DJ Maximum Mike hosts a show in which he explains mysteries about Night City, the corporations' wrongdoings, and various other elements.[2]


Artist Title Written by Performed by Published by
Brutus Backlash Suffer Me Chris Tapp The Cold Stares Chris Tapp (ASCAP)
XerzeX Heave Ho Konrad Abramowicz (aka Konrad OldMoney) Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst Konrad Abramowicz (aka Konrad OldMoney)
Beached Tarantula I Will Follow Snot Abundance Snot Abundance
IBDY Who's Ready for Tomorrow[3] RAT BOY RAT BOY
Rubicones Friday Night Fire Fight Jacques Barbot Aligns Aligns
Rubicones Trauma Jacques Barbot Aligns Aligns
Blood and Ice Summer of 2069 Metz Metz
Krushchev's Ghosts Testmaster[4]/No Convenient Apocalypse[5] Pissed Jeans Pissed Jeans Sub Pop Records
Cutthroat Sustain/Decay Piotr Maciejewski (Drivealone) Piotr Maciejewski (Drivealone)
Artificial Kids To The Fullest The Unfit The Unfit Sub Pop Records
Fingers and The Outlaws So it Goes Man Man Man Man Sub Pop Records
Samurai Never Fade Away David Sandström; Dennis Lyxzén Refused CD Projekt RED
Samurai Black Dog David Sandström; Dennis Lyxzén Refused CD Projekt RED
Samurai Chippin' In David Sandström; Dennis Lyxzén Refused CD Projekt RED
Samurai The Ballad of Buck Ravers David Sandström; Dennis Lyxzén Refused CD Projekt RED


  • The radio station takes its name from Morro Rock, a volcanic plug in Morro Bay which is present in the Cyberpunk lore.
  • "Who's Ready for Tomorrow" by IBDY (RAT BOY), "Friday Night Fire Fight" by Rubicones (Aligns), "Sustain/Decay" by Cutthroat (Piotr Maciejewski) and "I Will Follow" by Beached Tarantula (Snot Abundance) also appear in the soundtrack of the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.


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