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"Watson Whore" Diary is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077. It is the diary of the Watson Whore show protagonist.



What a fucking world! Finally I get my ass on Ziggy's show and right bfore I walk on stage a fucking hospital somewhere gets shot up. This dick cancels the show last minute for a special ep about the fucking victims!!! Who the fuck cares?!? is anyone gonna them in a week? Did they spend HALF THEYRE FUCKING CAREER TO GET ON THAT SHOW??? No they just fucking died! I got my ass on stage anyway - let him know you dont cockblock a goddamn tv messiah but security fucked me up so bad what was scrolled got corrupted or sme shit TUESDAY
felt fed up today, made a move on town hall to protest the fucking disgraceful neglect of war vets. Got my hands on a dress made of syn fetueses chanted my fucking throat raw half the way ddown there until the DIRECTOR of Wet Dream recognized me and said I was lookin sexy <3 so I leaned up against a scsm, fake choked on an air dick :0 and slapped mh ass cuz I could tell he loves pretty boys. He took my back to his place, chained me to his king bed and fucked me raw till I snapped each n every bedpost, he showered me in eddies and already got plans to see him same time next. Maybe I can screw my way into his next BD? ;P WEDNESDAY
I got into an argument with Ruth Dzeng, we talked about the normies who died savin some kids after a nuke popped during some corp war or other. Call her a toughass bitch on tv if you want, but she got all like blubbery baby on me, so whatever I figured I;d say something nice. I said they were pretty nova and maybe they'd wanna like be my fans. Hell, lookin at old photos I was like it's a legit fuckin shame cuz half of em got buldges halfway to Denver, real waste of good dick. She just gave me stupid smile and told me to fuck off... cunt THURSDAY
HAa-hHaAAaA!!!11!1 FRIDAY
Christ I don't know which ways up... I'm fucking wiped. The boys brought over some laced shit or something but it hit me like a fucking firetruck. I dunno what happnd but everything smells like piss, there's a horse mask in the bathroom. if I had to guess it was probably me who wore it and got rode around, my knees do kinda kill thinking bout it now. Idk I jus thope it was that director from tuesday and not that skank from apt 3


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